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These photos even make me proud! I'm sure that you are to the Nth Degree, too! (My Dad flew 32 combat bombing missions as crew chief in B-24 Liberators.)

The last photo of your Dad points out something to me that really stands out maybe in a negative sort of way, though not negative with your Dad....just the opposite! He has SIX combat ribbons and a "Ruptured Duck", including the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star along with 4 hash marks indicating two years' overseas duty. By using TODAY'S Army guidelines he would have probably 30 or more combat ribbons! I think in today's Army you can earn a ribbon simply by being on KP duty for a week! Too much, I think. Weakens and dilutes honor....or am I wrong? ( 26 years in the Navy for me, by the way).

Thanks for posting these photos, and thank God for people like your Dad!
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