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CZ52 problem solved?

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So I was wondering if anyone else has run across this issue.

I have been having intermittent problem with my cz52 where the slide would not fully close upon chambering the next round. I would say its happened once every 20 rounds and I have experienced it 4-5 times now. In these instances the slide would remain aproximately 1/8 inch from returning to fully closed.

In this state the gun would be locked, I was unable to pull the slide back or fire the pistol. What I did do on these occasions but fear will lead to damage to gun and likely personal injury was pull the take down tabs which allowed me to knock the side forward and fire the gun. On these occasions the gun fired without complication and continued to chamber the subsequent rounds in the mag.

I have wondered what has caused this and I suspect the likely culprit is the ammo. I am shooting old polish surplus that JG used to sell. Today I finally got some commercial ammo in the mail and did a side by side comparison with a drop into chamber/spin test. Here's how it looks:

The first image is one of the more poorly fitting surplus rounds I found in one box. The second is a new privi partisan. Its pretty clear there are a few rounds in each box that are out of spec and don't drop right into the chamber.

So do you guys think this is the culprit? Or does this sound like bad rollers? I wonder if a new return spin would allow the gun to chamber these tighter fitting rounds better? Anybody else had trouble with particular surplus? I see bulgarian stuff available now has that been any good?

I will try shooting the commercial ammo and see how it goes.
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Interesting. I initially didn't think it was the ammo because my tokarev eats this ammo up with no problems. I like the cz52 but have had better experience thus far with the tokarev. Its crude but effective, like it was designed to be used by undertrained peasant soldiers on a muddy eastern european battlefield...
I went out and tried some commercial privi partisan ammo. It shoots great. No jams or other issues. I guess I will chalk up this problem to the ammo.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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