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When I rack the slide or cock the hammer manually I have to pull the trigger back once to reset it before the trigger will actually drop the hammer. So basically I have to pull the trigger twice to get it to fire.
Any input is appreciated.

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have you cleaned it down to real clean....lube it?
i had one once.... the leaver in left of frame (slide release) would back out just a little and trigger became very stiff gritty....hard to pull...
when pushed back in to the frame it had a sweet trigger!.....
on opposite side i "pinged punched" the frame areas around the pin coming through frame to tighten up the pin removed all oil on it and frame in that area...
but this might not be your problem experts will chime in!

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The only problem that i ever had with my cz52 was i did not check the pin that held that lever in, lol it came out just a little bit and it caught on the clip.
Hence the clip would not come out and the action did not stay back after finishing the clip, easy fix but i was a little worried at first when the clip would not come out lol.

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Sounds like a disconnector issue to me. A strip down and thorough cleaning would be my first step; a little crud in the disconnector slot in the slide rail (right side) could very well cause something like that.


The disconnector is incorporated with the trigger bar, thusly:


Here's what it looks like in person in operation:


When the slide is not in battery, the bar is pushed down by the disconnector so that the hook on the rear end won't engage the sear. When it is in battery ... or almost in battery... the tab lifts up under spring tension into the radiused cut out in the slide rail and allows the bar to move into position to engage the sear.

If, for whatever reason, you are not getting a solid, consistent sear engagement and have to fish around for it (double pull etc.) you have what I would consider an unsafe condition and that pistol should be grounded until the situation is corrected.

As an NRA Range Safety Officer I would not allow you to shoot it on my range the way it apparently is now.

I posted an extensive illustrated guide on Czech-O-Matic tear down and re assembly here a couple of years ago which a lot of people liked, but which the mods felt did not merit posting as a sticky (despite several requests to do so) and it fell into the abyss of archival obscurity. Good luck finding it now.

At least one other fellow has put up an online tutorial. As far as I know it's still out there somewhere.

You want to study up on this pistol before you go tearing it apart - but that's what you have to do if you are going to get it really clean and inspect for cracked frames, slides etc. which have been an occasional issue with this particular sidearm.

If youre not comfortable doing your own teardown, cleaning, diagnostics and trouble shooting I would recommend you take it to a competent Gunsmith.
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