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cz50 accessories

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i bought a cz50 at the harrisburg PA gun show yesterday and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get an original holster and extra magazine? thanks for looking.
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I'm not aware of a board sponsor selling these items, so I'm going to go "outside" of the family and refer you to the following:
SOG used to have the holsters, I haven't had to look for one in a few years, so they may not have them anymore.
Well, after three minutes of searching.....
The Dealer's Warehouse has the magazines.
and with the pinky holder....LOL
I know SOG had holsters, 2 different types a while back. I would get the brown ones with the mag holder since the more modern style black ones carried by police need sizing which will take work because the leather is thick and good quality. The thinner leather type I got last year with the mag holder are more like a mak holster. I find mags at my local gun show. There are always 3 or 4 vendors with boxes full of mags and it is easier to barter with cash in person like that.
If your still looking for some mags & a holster drop me a pm for details.
I you are still looking, here are some in stock.

They also have the matching mag pouches.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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