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So the wife and I took my new CZ82 out for a test run today for the first time and I must say I am super impressed. I was doing some informal shooting on the first target which I estimated to be about 45 feet.

This is what I came up with, first time shooting this gun:

Then I paced off 35 feet. A little more than 11 yards:

And finally 7 yards. What people say is the farthest most encounters happen:

Now, not great by any means but for my first time out with a new surplus gun, I am amazed. I was shooting 95 gr FMJ by Prvi Partisan. Lots of potential here. I can honestly say that I have only shot this good with one other handgun first time out and that was my brother-in-law's Glock 23c, which I qualified for my CCW with. With more practice I think I can tighten these up considerably.

I noticed what could possibly be a problem though. It only happened twice but I think the gun slamfired. Its either that or I had a bad grip or something but twice I was surprised by a super quick second round. Out of 50 rounds it happened twice so we'll see after a few more sessions. Other than that, not one problem.

Oh and I told her I would plaster her face on the web so here she is shooting her .22. Damn good shot too!


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Your Honey done went and knocked her iron sights off'n her shootin' arn........
Better get it fixed for her-- you know how ladies like Purty Guns.....:thumbsup:;):burp

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