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I just had a problem with a box of silver bear jhp ammo in my cz82 .They failed to feed properly, and
got stuck in the chamber. It was very hard to pull the slide back to clear it. After some checking , 11 of the 50 rounds had a deformed case where it looked like the bullet was pushed too far in. I removed the slide ,and fit each round in the chamber by hand and the 11 would not seat all the way in. The rest of the box fed just fine. Don't know if they were made that way or if they got squashed in transit. Just thought you might want to check yours.

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Got a Mike?

Micrometer, that is...


Or a caliper measure?

Measure the diameter of those problematic rounds, both bullets and cases, and then measure the rounds that fit for comparison.
Measure between several points around the case in case they are out of round (or "squashed").

Somewhere around the web or in a reloading manual I'm sure there are SAMMI specs for the 9 X 18mm round to see if your ammo is within specs.

For that cheap Russian "Animal Ammo" (Wolf, Bear, Tiger, etc..) I would not be the least bit surprised to find a fair number of defective rounds among them.

By measuring and documenting these defects, you should at least be entitled to refund or replacement of those rounds, if not a whole new box for your trouble.

Manufacturers and suppliers are learning that a bad reputation as well as a good one can spread like wild fire over these internet forums, and it behooves them and their profit margins to keep their customers (that's US, guys!) satisfied.

If you have this chambering problem often even with good quality ammo ("Bear" IMHO does NOT qualify) it might be a good idea to cast your chamber and spec it out - or have a Gunsmith do it for you if you're not familiar with the process.

You fellas keep having issues with these CZ-82s and I'm going to have to get one and give it the going over like I have done with the CZ-52!

I'd think that by now one of the major suppliers would send me one gratis to do a write up on it, like they do for the gun magazine writers.

Don't worry though; I'm not holding my breath!
When we do that while dreaming, I think they call that "Sleep apneia" and it's plain not healthy!
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