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The CZ-82 I recently purchased is an awesome gun, and has almost no wear on the finish. However, there are a few nicks on slide - mostly where the importer markings were applied. The frame is almost immaculate except for some minor wear on the controls and tip of the tang. However, the base plates on the magazines are really chipped.

I've thought about refinishing the slide and base plates, but it seems like a lot of effort for relatively few nicks. Is there any way to touch-up these nicks that does not require a full strip-down, and that won't make the gun look like hammered doggy stuff when it's done?

I touched-up the sights w/white fingernail polish. My eyes sight seems to have gone south in recent years, but I did an acceptable touch up and it did much to increase accuracy. However, I'm thinking about picking up a set of replacement sights for a CZ-75/83 and putting them on the CZ-82.
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