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I have two magazines for my Cz-52. One is quite worn, but works perfectly. The other looks almost new, but last weekend, a friend and I had some problems with it:

He was firing the pistol, and as the last round was loaded, the slide wouldn't go completely into battery. Furthermore, neither of us could pull the slide back.

I was finally able to push the slide forward completely into battery, and we were able to fire the last round, which seemed to eject properly.

However, the slide did not stay back as it normally should. Furthermore, we couldn't rack it back at all.

Then, when we attempted to remove the now-empty magazine, it just flat wouldn't move.

After MUCH effort, and not a little hammering on the end of the mag, we were finally able, by BOTH of us working on it together, to pull the empty mag out.

What we discovered was that the "shoe", or that part of the magazine that pushes up under the last round to raise the unfired cartridges into position to be picked up by the slide as it moves forward, was BENT UP at a steep angle, and the tip of the "shoe" had obviously caught something under the slide as it recoiled.

Also, apparently this happened BEFORE the last round was loaded into the breech.

What could have caused this?

I am going to take that magazine apart and will straighten the "shoe", and check it for end clearance, but I would REALLY like to know if anyone has had this happen to them, and what they did to cure it.

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I could be wrong... but you might have two problems versus just a magazine issue.

Regarding the slide not going into battery fully. If this was surplus ammo, some cartridges have a size problem and or the chamber needs cleaning.

Either way; the easiest way other than a big freaking hammer to get it out of battery is small screwdrivers to work the ejector so it's not engaging the brass, it's a whole lot safer than forcing it into battery.

If it's the ammo, there was a post a while ago about doing the spin test. Take the barrel out of the pistol and sort your ammo. They either chamber or they don't. If you reload, they can be sized to work properly.

The feed lip on the follower "could have" been bent when you forced it into battery if the next round was out of place in the magazine.

Just food for thought.


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One other question and a possibility: I believe the magazines hold 8 rounds, not 9. If one managed to get 9 rounds into a mag, could that damage the shoe in the manner I described earlier?

As I remember it, I was somewhat surprised to find that the newer mag held 9 rounds fairly easily.

Maybe the shoe was ALREADY bent...

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a magazine "shoe", but suspect that you may be referring to the "FOLLOWER", illustrated at the top of the magazine box in this illustration of a broken down CZ-52 magazine:


The follower is pushed up by the coil spring underneath it, and serves to push the ammunition up towards the top of the mag as it is expended.

There is a little downward - bent "step" on the follower's front end that activates the slide stop bar after the last round if fired, holding the slide back. At least it's supposed to; they don't always work all that well. Could this be what you are mistaking for a "bent" portion? If so; it's supposed to look that way.

As to your stuck slide, I concur with previous posters, in that it is probably failure of ammo (usually milsurp) to chamber properly - a very frequent issue with a lot of Czech-O-Matics.

You can usually get away with forcing the slide into battery, but it's not a real good idea.
The round could fire prematurely out of battery, and that will mess both your pistol and at least one hand up badly - at the very least.
Jamming an over-diametered bullet and neck into an undersized chamber and "leade" is apt to produce unpredictable pressure spikes as well. We suspect that this may have been a contributing factor if not the cause of at least a couple of unfortunate CZ-52 self-destruction episodes.




(Photos submitted by a fellow Gunboard Member years ago on our "old" board which got hacked to death and replaced with this one.)

Much to it's credit, we have not yet seen a COM ""Blow up" - they tend to "blow OUT" in stead. Other than some minor burns we have not heard of any serious injuries... so far.
It still does not pay to push your luck.

Some chambers will swallow anything you feed them, while others are quite fussy.
It's always a good idea to run milsurp ammo through a bullet seating die to "bump" the bullets back to about 1.35" OAL and break any adhesions.


Most of it is over-length which can contribute to chambering problems.
The treatment with a "factory crimp die" is also helpful.

If you don't reload or have any equipment, you might have to content yourself with commercial ammo, most of which should chamber without difficulty in just about any CZ-52.

I know that it annoys the hell out of people when I say this, but I'm sticking by it;

The CZ-52 is NOT a "beginner's" pistol.

And you've just read several reasons why I have come to that conclusion.

...Yes; I do have more, actually.

it is not magazine you check mag shoe & spring slide lose NOW CHECK THE RECOIL SPRING The new ones are 6 1/2 inches long . always close slide it only jams with live round. the small end of bullet is all tha seals in barrel 1/4 inch clean very good you come up short 1/4 inch to full close slide. mine did it. found good place for parts .
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