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Posted - 03/21/2006 : 10:00:09 AM

FS: This is a M38 TS Carcano in 8mm. It has around two dozen separate cuts.
Both the metal and wood have been refinished. The stock and handguard are
beech. They are in very good condition as far as not being oil stained but the
stock does have a repaired crack at the small of the stock. The trigger, sear,
bolt stop, stock lug, clip release, firing pin nut and safety are color case
hardened. The bolt is in the white. The remainder of the metal has a slightly
bright satin finish same as original. Comes w/a cleaning rod.

The tip of the firing pin has been ground down slightly for safety. The
primers have been removed from the sectionalized round in the chamber. The primers
have also been removed from the rounds in the original brass clip in the
magazine well.

The price is $400 plus shipping. There is a three day inspection period.
Return in same condition as received for a refund to include your shipping both

A FFL is required. All local, state and federal laws apply.

More photos of this cut-a-way can be seen here: Public Home folder | Para's
Polishing | . If you can't click on that link here is the web site
address you can copy and paste into your browser:

If you have any questions or want more info email me off list.

Steven R. Para
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Posted - 03/21/2006 : 7:59:03 PM
I have two of Steve's cut-aways, both Arisakas, and once owned a M38 Carcano. His work CAN NOT be topped. You would be suprised how a cut-away in a display will stop people for a second and third look.

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Can these be transfered on a C&R ??

Does he have any other rifles than the Carcano??

Can he preform this on one of my rifles if I send it to him, and what would be the cost involved?

Just plain COOL!!!
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