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Correct Finish for Yugo 24/47 Mauser?

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1st - Is the butt stock plate suppose to be blued or in the white?
2nd - Are the stocks finished in Linseed oil? Some Yugo SKS's don't have anything on them so it wouldn't surprise me that the Mauser are the same way.
3rd - Is there 1 correct sling? I see several styles. Mine looks like a belt for a 500lb man.
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Oil finish..BLO likely

You got my belt? have the correct sling if its got 2 holes and a brass stud on one end and several holes and a brass stud on the buckle

Pic of my blued bolt M24/47 rifles..The buttplates are still in the white on these
See less See more keeper on any of mine..dont think I've seen any on any either

More Yugo pics..all in storage awaiting the vault rework..if I can ever get the honey-do list done..Got big plans and lots of collected to finaly see a collection rather than an accumulation

Here is a "BO W prefix mystery rifle" That is sporting an interesting Yugo sling that it was found with..I believe this is actualy an early SKS sling and that there may have been some overlap I.E..The M59 and its slings equipment entering service as the Bolt actions were leaving the training and rear eschelon??..or could have been placed there during the troubles in the 90's or maybe just here by the prev. owner.. anywhoo I left it as found...Note also the beautiful M48 sling with "piping" along the edge..You see the Yugoslavs did spare a bit of time for style : )..Note no keeper

Here is an incorrect mock up ..I saw this configuration online wayyyy back in the day and threw this is actually an SKS oiler and pouch..the pouch actually can serve as a keeper..I learned better after I received Branko's fine book but left this as is thinking it could easily have been something seen during the 90's

Here is an M48BO with a good shot of the German style Frosch used to secure the end of the sling through the buttsock cutout..Note the oiler..same thing as above long time ago but left it incorrect anyway..I kind of like the look
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