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"A great work of art is finished not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" ... did I get that quote right? Well it sums up my feeling about the Makarov PM. One rarely sees any piece of machinery so completely lacking in the unnecessary. Anything that is not needed, does not exist in the Makarov, and the things that are necessary often perform double duty. It is simplified perfection.

And it is slim enough to fit my hand and waistband, while being heavy enough not to break my wrist.

True, maks are becoming harder to find. I have my two, so after I grab some extra barrels, springs and replacement parts I'll be set for life. As long as I have one workable mak for carry duty that's all I ask for.

(My winter carry / home defense weapon is a CZ P-01, anybody tried those?)
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