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A friend flew in from the east coast for a visit (I'm on the, you guessed it, West Coast). He stayed a couple days before heading over to Eastern Washington to visit his son.

He told me his son was going to take him and a bunch of friends to a shooting range and they were all bringing everything they own.

Now you've guessed the punchline - I loaned him my storied 1985 Bulgarian and gave him boxes of Norinco, Silver Bear FMJ, and Wolf Military Classic. These guys are not devoted shooters. The glocks, H&Ks, etc. acted up - miss-feeds and various stumbles - and couldn't hit a target. My bud, who is also not a real shooter, came away with every trophy using the Makarov. In fact, his scores with the pistol were in the order of 48 vs a 2 for the competition.

I could sell some Makarovs to these guys now.
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