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Maybe I'm late in posting on this, but congratulations and thank you for the great article on the WW1 '03 Springfields in GUNs: Surplus magazine. Stopped by the local store this afternoon and started browsing and there it was! Great article and lots of other great articles to go with it!


Best regards!
- Mike

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for your kind words and commentary regarding the latest articles to hit the newsstand, however the two articles of mine that appear in the new GUNS Surplus edition that was just released were originally published years ago. Both of the articles in the new surplus magazine first appeared in 2006.

My newest article is in this month's May publication that includes Part I of a two part article on the Gew 88. In addition to the article on the website, they have an expanded segment from the article that includes a presentation of my Bavarian display that includes a winter whitewashed helmet. Had I provided my editor with a display of Gsu's Chinese Winter ****** display, I seriously doubt that this segment would have appeared on the GUNS website???

I greatly appreciate your support along with everyone else here on Gunboards. I hope that those of you who go out of your way to purchase either copies of the magazine aren't disappointed.

Warmest regards,


PS - Thank you Mike, but I still hate you!
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