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Confused about this pony fur pack

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I picked up this "pony fur" ( looks more like bear fur haha ) back pack today at the local show. Aside from one rivet missing its in extremely good shape.

But the missing rivet brings me confusion.... most of these are SEWN not riveted, from what I have seen.

also, where there is usually a year of manufacture, say, "1938" there is none... there's a 0038...

the inside of each shoulder strap reads from the top down






at the VERY bottom it is stamped 85

I cant find any other markings unless I over looked them.

Here are the pictures

with the 1942 Helmet I bought
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I believe they were made from cowhide. Also, the helmet appears to be a 1940 model.

The markings seem to indicate late WWI manufacture and issue to a Bavarian infantry regiment. I like the condition, but I'm more of a gun guy so maybe someone else has an opinion.
I found 1942 on the inside band
Stammtish- I also posted this on the K98Kforum, got some good replies about the pack :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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