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Many an evening I parked on side of the road about 1/2 mi. from my house waiting on the BBT. When I would see him coming I would flash my lights and he would pull over. Got to where he would pull over without the flash. A couple of times he hollerd out the door "not today see ya tomorrow". Then when I got home, I would take the advice I read here a couple of years ago. I would walk backwards into the house carrying the new unwrapped gun. If she saw me I would say, oh this is a gun I already had I'm taking out to shoot. Once I get into the gunroom I add it to the pile. The MN's all look the same to her. Just like the pocketbooks and shoes do to me. Hey I wonder if she uses these tactics with shoes? She probaly parks 1/2 mi. down the road the other way.;)
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