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Hi All,

I'm going in 5 directions at once 8). I just finished taking a K-Sport Hunter Paratrooper I got, out of the matching wood and HG (French Tickler & gas tube). It's my understanding that they're kinds scarce in wood and I didn't want any "user" damage to occur, but I want it online. I put it in a Choate Monty with matching unvented HG. It's the first time I've used that set up. The Choate profile is lower, and it wasn't necessary to notch it for the "rail to nowhere". I also added a "Hunter" branded sling, the Choate has conventional sling swivels, and since they originally came in Butler Creek poly, I'm not too off the mark.

A barreled receiver that I picked up made Kali bail Friday too, and got re-assembled as well. It's a pinned action, and I located a really ratty stock set that fit it. I had everything but a bolt to build a mismatched Frankenstein in Drag, but I ended up finding numbers matching mechanicals from a Calgunner, so I put the hacksaw & Dremal down :) and built it to military spiker configuration. Looks good if ratty.

Stay safe with the crazy weather. PAX
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