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Concerning this Lee custom mold cast bullet weighing 170grs size .267" with gas check.

A commercial source has been found:

He's has this mold for some time but no demand. I suggest emailing him and letting him know how many you want. Currently he is out of stock because myself and a friend in Indiana bought the 1,000 he's had sitting on a shelf for some time. But he will cast them and offer them. His other rifle cast bullets with gas checks are $45 per 500 but I can't say what his price is for this bullet. I'm ~assuming~ it'll be the same $45 per 500 but don't hold me to it.

A few weeks ago I bought 3,000 cast bullets from him in .311" 190 gr and 210gr for .30-06 and other .308" and .311" rifles and .38 Special and .45 acp. I've been a customer of Gardner's since 1999 mostly buying them in person from him at northern Indiana gunshows. Bullet quality is as good as anybody's. He's a one-man business so cut him a little slack time-wise. It may take him a week or two weeks to get up to speed on this particular bullet.

Mention "Dutch" sent you so he'll know where the orders are coming from. I have his website linked in the permenent links page at the top of the forum and at my website:

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