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Over and Under Combination Gun

THis is a standard European made Under & Over ( or O&U) gun, one barrel smooth, the other rifled. The Rifled Bore is usually for one of the rimmed "Drilling" cartridges ( 7x57R, 8x57JRS, other "proprietary design " cartridges)

Commonly used in Central and Eastern Europe for general forest hunting ( Deer, Wild Boar, large Birds, Aquatics etc.)

"Cape Gun" Usually Double barrelled Shotgun, with last part of barrel/s rifled to use "Paradox" cartridges ( a brass shotshell with a large slug, usually conical.); English development.
Adds to versatility, and as a back-up to the more common double rifle or magazine rifle. "Cape" refers to Cape province, South Africa.

Doc AV
AV Balllistics.
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