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Colorized Bersaglieri

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Ciao Gents,
I just picked up colorization of old photos. Here is a partial shot of the third one I am working on. This is a Bersaglieri of a machinegun unit in Ethiopia. The photo is dated March 3, 1935. He is wearing the red softcap with blue tassle of the Bersaglieri. Notice the tropical tunic and pants and brown hightops combat boots used primarily in East Africa. He appears to be armed with a MODEL 91TS.
Regards, Arditi
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Great pics Glider. I agree, a rare glimpse into colonial life.

Well..I finished the pic. Bersaglieri machinegun unit in Ethiopia. March, 10, 1935. Notice the red fez and blue tassles. Interesting.
Regards, Arditi
hmmm...thanks Vaarok. I'll give it a try. If I have problems, I may need to talk with you further on this.
Grazie, Arditi
For those I forgot to mention, thanks for the kind words. I took Vaarok's suggestion and used the technigue he suggested. I think the photo looks better. Thanks Vaarok.
In Friendly Scholarship, Arditi
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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