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Sorry to resurect a dead thread but I have a query with this specific rifle. I have found one (or at least I think I have) sporterized, whoever done didn't do much. He took the military stock off and put a sporter stock on it, still has rear and front sights, bolt handle is still straight.

When I was talking to the bloke on the phone he said the barrel was 22.5 inches, the right hand side of the receiver has Famage on it, Colombian crest on top dated 1952.
He's asking $395 +post but I think I can get $50 off that price.

So for fun I want to put it back into a military stock with bands and sling loops, how hard will that be? I know finding a stock with a corrugated butt is nigh impossible but are there any stocks in mass supply that this rifle will fit into?

Vulch are these 2 rifles still in supply these days, if so can you point me to a place that sells them please.
You may be looking at one of the Steyr or BRNO Mausers, originally long rifles in 7mm, that were re-manufactured into 30-06 in the early fifties by the Colombian Government. They are similar in form to the Belgian made articles. I have one, and it is an OK shooter and handy for hunting, but they are hardly worth spending much money on or pursuing sources for parts. In the US, a good one fetches from $200-300 at Gun Shows and on line...if it sells. A notch in the receiver ring is a clue, as the 30-06 cartridge is longer than the 7mm and it was put there when converted.
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