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Just re-iterating the Post WW II Colombian Mauser story:

IN 1950, Colombia ordered some M1950 ( aka M24/30) .30/06 Mauser Rifles and some M1935 ( aka M1950) Gendarmerie carbines, also in .30/06, From FN.

Then , in 1952 (most common date) the Fabrica de Materiales de Guerra, of Bogota ( "Fa.Ma.Ge.") began converting all the varied 7x57 Mausers they had, ( M1912 Steyrs, M1929 Steyrs, Vz24, and FN M24/30) to .30/06 by reboring the barrels, resetting the rear sights, cutting a relief groove in the Receiver ring, and unifying the stocks to a copy of the M1950 FN stock. Barrels, by and large, retained their original front sights, as both types ( full sleeve (Vz24) and Banded sleeve ( Steyr and FN) are found. Markings on the barrels are also helpful in determining the origin of the rifle, and the receiver ( "T" mark , both Czech and Steyr, "Perron and ELG" (FN); Serial Nos with "34-" signifying year of mfg.)
Occasionally one finds (usu. very Good condition) "Steyr-Solothurn" addressed receivers, these were the "M29 Export Colombian" rifles, with the special Pointed Pistol grip orginally, as well as a unique Bayonet band.
Most "FAMAGE" rifles have been completely scrubbed of side rail marks.

I have a late production M29 with Colombian crest, but taken over by the Luftwaffe, and rebarrelled to 7,9mm (1938)
( as were many Austrian M29 rifles...became G29 o (umlaut). I also have a wide variation in scrubbed FAMAGE rifles.

As to "rebuilding", is the barrel 22 inches, breechface to muzzle or is that a "rough measurment" ie, Receiver ring to muzzle ?
If the Barrel is uncut, then it is possible to rebuild the rifle ( with replacement FAMAGE FN Model stock and Bands) or by splicing in a proper fore-end, and fitting FN style Bands.
If the Barrel IS cut back, then its a Truck gun life for this one. ( or parts).

Later than 1952 rebuild dates do exist, but are uncommon. ( up to 1960, from memory of Webpage entries)

Good rifle, and if the Bore is OK, also accurate with M2 Ball. A Lot in Australia were "Bubba'ed" when Ammo was I get them as "parts" or as "stripped receivers" ( Licensing Problems...most are "off ticket")...They still make up a good Movie Mauser (Generic).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services
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