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Enjoy your rifle more-shoot it.

The first character in your scope serial number is a Cryllic B not a 5. I believe scope maker is Leningrad optical. The symbol above the serial is meant to represent an optical lens. Looks WWII to me. Mount blueing is era-correct. Backside of mount will have circular milling marks if it was made in WWII era.

Zeroing: Make certain the action screws are properly tightened first. When you zero this rifle, remember that the coarse adjustment for elevation is in the mount itself-two screws toward the rear of the base. Set the turret elevation knob to zero and adjust at the screws in base first. These screws are fairly sensitive in regulating elevation changes. One or two 360 degree rotations is all that will be needed. Fine tune with turrets.

These rifles are accurate with good ammo. Use eastern bloc 182 grain yellow tip military surplus if possible. has some in stock currently. It is corrosive ammo so after shooting run three very wet Windex patches down bore, dry bore thoroughly and finish with Hoppe's 9 or equivalent. Good luck!
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