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Cleaning brush storage?

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Ok, I got a great new range bag that has lots of places for tool storage. I am putting my cleaning kit into the bag but am wondering what would be a good thing to hold my cleaning brushes? They would mess up the elastic keepers in the bag, also it would probably make the brush unusable in no time at all. What do you guys use to hold your cleaning brush when not in the original kit? There has to be something readily available that is right under my nose but I hadn't thought of to use for brush storage.
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My mother used to love the little metal tins of Altoids, Myntz & such, so I accumulated a handful of the nice rectangular tins for use storing my jags & brushes. I've got enough brushes to sort into 8mm, .308, .22, .223, .38/.357, .45, and a couple more for spare parts, allen wrenches, and small & easily lost screws & parts.
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