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circles over mum

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I have a early 1 million serial numbered Koshikowa ( sorry Grammer) with what looks like somone went a little crazy with a concentric circle stamp on the mum 2 strikes. it also is a school rifle with double school stamps. It also bares the two 00 serial 3 prefix.

Would you say this is a defaced mum or a removed from service stamp over the mum? I may be think the stamp guy was having a bad day when this was stamping it as out of service.

I present it to you the profesionals.
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Looks like someone had too much to drink! The character below the mum is "bun" (like boon) and signifies that it was taken out of military service and handed over to a school. The surprisingly deep circles is likewise a cancellation to remove it from service. Done nicely it looked like the stacked cannon ball symbol of the arsenal.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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