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Appalchian Ammunition, located in Maine, is a smaller producer of a wide variety of ammunition. I saw they made 9x18 now and I had 2 boxes sent to me. Not many others will because:

- 2 boxes = $63.98
- Shipping = $18.96
- "Handling Fee" = $2

So 2 boxes, sent from Maine to Washington State, cost me $84.94. Sometimes my hobby hurts me.

The cartridge is made with Hornady's 95gr XTP-HP bullet and Starline brass. Several other small companies, such as Georgia Arms, Buffalo Bore, Kinematics Research, D&G Reloading, (and of course Hornady) use the same components and it's interesting to compare the OALs and velocities. Appalachian advertises the velocity of this ammunition as 1,022 fps. My measured velocities were slightly, not significantly, less. The round produces a fairly stout recoil and is very accurate.

Appalachian Emancipator 9MM Makarov 95gn XTP-HP (20 rounds tested)

Manufacturer: Appalachian Ammunition, Industry, Maine
Cartridge Case: Brass case, Boxer primed, non-corrosive primer
Bullet: 95gr Hornady XTP, copper coated with flat copper base
Magnetic: No magnetic components

OAL (ins)

Range: 0.966 - 0.969
Avg: 0.967

Velocity (fps)

Range: 973 - 1045
Avg: 1008
ES: 72
SD: 18

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Whoa, NB, have you ever used the 9 x18mm by Ammonet? I have some in 90 and 95grain. It comes in a red box. Check out GB, it should be there, search under Makarov. If you have I'd like to know what you think of it. It had one ftfire, with the 90 grain but the 95grain was all good.
It was chronied to be 1092 and 1076, I think. Plenty of muzzle flash with the 90 CCI-Speer, both JHP. The 95 was a Hornady bullet.
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