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Caution Longwinded FWIW:

I would pull the barrel before going any further. You may be able to view the problem and better assess what to do. TD barrels pull pretty easy with a padded vise and wrench. If welded up ( which I suspect based on the shape of the pit in the case) it's time to rethink the whole deal as heat may have weakened the barrel. There may be a thin weld plug visable. It also may have made the barrel metal very hard/brittle. In either case the sleeve idea appeals to me altho replacing the barrel may be cheaper.

I have seen chambers drilled thru by hollywood prop companies to either allow short .45 blanks to be fired safely (via a partial plug) or to allow smoke and flash to come up and simulate a flintlock. MGM sold hundreds of altered trapdoors some years ago. Fake flintlock hammers and frizzens welded on. Some were fake blunderbusses and pirate rifles and pistols. Also seen chamber damage from attempts to dig out a headless case ala the custer reports. Last year a large bunch of otherwise vg td barrels showed up with holes drilled through the chamber and weld spots near the muzzle. Concensus was they were used in display rack or headboard.

Curious to see what you find.
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