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Odd place for a cavitation hole...right in the middle of the shell. You probably can re-use the shells. When you re-size that pimple should go away. Watch for "ballooning" at the base of the cartridge, when that gets excessive it is time to start looking at new brass. Mine only does this with BP loads. My favorite is using a 435gr Lee Hollow Base sized to .460 lubed with SPG, a .030" veggie wad, and 62 gr of FFg. Smokeless, I use 28 grains of H4198 and a 405 gr .458 sized hard cast #2.

As far as the cavitation hole in the chamber, JB Weld might work, but my suggestion is send the barrel/receiver to Bob Hoyt in Fairfield Pa and have him sleeve the barrel. When he does that he re-machines the chamber. You will never tell it is not original from the out side, still looks original. I believe his business is called the Fleischauer Shop or something in that order. Very reasonable, I've had a couple done by him that others had given up on.
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