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Chineese Arisaka?

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Today I saw a Type 38 that was captured from Chineese soldiers in the Korean war. It had the crysanthiman ground and the dust cover attached.:confused: The rifle had been cutdown and had a star-type bayonet that folded under the barrel. The magazine floor plate was missing and the owner thought it used a mag but I think the floor plate was ripped off, maybe by the people that picked up the rifle off the battlefield. There was no type of mag latch. It appeared to be original caliber. Any info on or knowledge of this variation/modification?

Will try to get pics next time I visit. He has about 6 weapons taken off the Korean battlefields.:D
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sounds like it could be an "SKS'asaka"...

Photos would help, but I have seen these before, and a few guys here have them in their collections. Are you sure it is not a Type-44 Carbine?
Probably, though people would want it if you are going to sell it. Myself included. I was looking for a beater Type-44.
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