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All I can add is I had a four shot chain fire once. After careful disassembly due to damage, those four caps were all spent.

One shot sideswiped the wedge knocking it back and the fourth went right up the rammer. Knocked the front end forward bending the wedge and peening the arbor. Found lead on the wedge and a flattened ball in the rammer which had the whole works bound solid.

That's when I replaced the original and somewhat overly used flattened I-tie nipples with Ampco's. Along with fitting a new wedge and cyliner stop spring.
After that I became a believer in the nipple-chain fire theory. AFAIC....grease helps lube the bore to keep fouling soft. It may help prevent a chain fire if using a slightly undersized ball. However, if you're shaving clean rings when seating, I don't see how a spark could get past.
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