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CH4D Dies for the Nagant

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Has any one had any experiance using the 7.62 nagant dies from CH4D? Granted the're not as cheap as the Lee dies, but the're half the price of RCBS. If they don't require any mods they might be worth it.

Lee (Midway): $27.99
RCBS (Midway): $160.99

CH4D: $78.99
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Hi Kyle,

I'm using a set of RCBS M-1 carbine dies myself.

I know a few guys that like that companys dies very much. A guy over at the cast bullet site has had a number of special Wildcat dies made up & the quality & price was outstanding.

Best to you,
Hi S,

I use a RCBS #10 in my Rock Chucker for 32 S&W brass & some Nagant brass. I think it is a 223 case holder. The cases vary form one co to another.
I have a second RCBS of the other Nagant brass. Can't find it at the moment.

EDIT 7 AM Hi, i found it! It is marked #7 no other marks. I think it is a Lee as it is not finished like a RCBS. It fits hot shot brass like it was made for it.

I just brought a few various brand cases to the gun show & bought what fit.

I wrote down a note in the M-1 die box, used the Dillon 550 B press with a D shell plate & locator button 3 . I made a bunch so it must have worked.

Please check BEFORE you buy anything. Check your reloaders web site. Send them a message they are very good about quick replys.

Best to you,
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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