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Have you given your rifle a thorough cleaning to remove any copper/leading that may have accumulated? Although a barrel may appear worn it sometimes can be acceptably accurate with the right load. If so, and remembering the limitations of the small ring action, good loads can be found using a 142 grain HPBT Sierra projectile, Lapua cases, either CCI BR-2 or WLR primers, and a worked up load of H4831SC powder. You can seat the bullet out pretty far on most surplus swedes,(including the CG) and still not touch the lands,so pick a spot and start from there. I have had very good results with loads around the 2700 fps range,all well under the recommended book max. Hope this helps. Jim
Very true. I use 139 or 140-gr match bullet (Hornady, Lapua, Nostler, Sierra) and Lapua cases with IMR 4831 at 2635 fps in M96. Mild recoil and quite accurate. My Soderin rear sight has the yellow markings for 2650 fps, and while it's dead on at settings of 100, 300, and 500m, I must set it at 225 to be on at 200m. Any idea why? I shoot at an old silhouette range and am pretty sure the distances have been measured accurately.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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