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CG22T Grand Prix, how many owners, and how to care for the cork buttpad

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Recently acquired my first Carl Gustaf CG22T Grand Prix single shot 22lr. Curious to know how many others own one of these critters? For those that do... how do you or how have you taken care of the cork buttpad? Is there a way to soften, protect the cork from drying out any further? Also has anyone mounted any type of micrometer peep sights for iron sight target shooting? The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope bases side of the receiver holes and the false muzzle device is also not drilled or tapped for bases to mount anything.
Does anyone have a specific literature that might have come in the original boxes showing any additional options or ???
Look forward to your replies
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Hej Lars,

I can't help with any of your questions, but really good to see you posting - post some photos of your new prize, not many folks have seen the CG22T.
.22 worlds fastest shortest lock time 1.8 milliseconds

LARSLUTHOR: CG-22 T 1972 available late 1973- what makes a superior match target rifle? according to interviews conducted with top shooters both here and a broad,it takes a combination of things: an excellent barrel: a uniform trigger with the world's shortest / fastest lock time possible 1.8 milliseconds: firing pin fall .09". a secure, precision lock-up and a totally reliable feeding, extraction and ejection.
until we were able to perfect all these features to a greater degree than anyone else, we stayed at the drawing boards.
gun was made exclusively for telescopic sights.
muzzle dir: .825",
overall weight:9.7 lbs:
barrel length 19.7",(with balancing tube 26.8" special trim weight device designed to adj. rifle balance to individual requirements.), made of Swedish Special Steel.
500 mm long rifling.
bolt lift:65 degrees,
length of pull:13.8",
trigger pull 1973-1.1 to 1.7 lbs.
overall length:46" with french walnut stock. can be ordered finished or rough turned to be designed to individual requirements.
adj. cork butt plate for surer positioning.
retail price 1973--$259.50-
--price $194.60
carl gustaf grand prix:
action cylinder type. body specially designed for heavy competition barrels.
ejection is positive even if action is opened slowly.
trigger adj. down to 0.5 kg.
well that's all the info. i have on it. all from old research, COPIED 1000+ PAGES OR MORE for my article. all from books, articals, ads, i did machanal drawings, photos of guns- all for Gun Digest- that never got published! :(
i hope this helps!
as for the cork google how too's of cork preservation.
i wanted one of these for 20 years! never had one in front of me or in a show, or a gun list ad.:? tell us how it shoots, photo's too.<><dk
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Here we go -

Lars since it is already drilled and tapped, I suspect you could custom fit an Anschutz rail or Weaver type base onto the rear receiver bridge and mount about any type of currently available target diopter,e.g., Anschutz, Centra, etc., you want on it. With the muzzle diameter, .825 inch/20.95 mm, you could either mount an Anschutz base, or reduce to .750 inch and mount one of the Centra elevation adjustable front sights.

Just got an email from a fly fishing friend of mine, he wrote that he uses white bee's wax on his cork fly rod grips and it keeps them in very good condition.
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Can you post some close up photos of the action. The action appears to be a brand new (for 1973) design with little or no relationship to the 1722 action.
thank you for the tip on the white beeswax... will get some asap.
I also owned a 1622 and there are significant differences.... I am in process of disassembling things to understandall that they have done in this rifle. the bolt is different, the solid bottom action makes for a very rigid action couple that with the 6mm Hex head cap screws to lock the action into the wood and I see why it will shoot. I will take some close up pics and post as soon as I get them done. I am surprise by how little this gun was shot...that and no one i think thought to remove the barrel counterweight to see the fine fit line of the false muzzle device... because when I took it off... I found lint, a leaf or two and other stuff...interesting type crown as well....but it is the trigger that is truly out of sight...haven't measured it yet.. but I am guessing it is in the few hundred milligram range... no movement what so ever...overall very solidly built. I think Iw ill go with the anschutz rail mount in the rear and simply find a slip on for the forward false muzzle piece to attach my redfield globe....somehow it just does not seem to fit to have a scope..unless I can find an old Lyman 20x LWBR from the era...or maybe a Unertl.....There was no brass wear marks on the bolt face, extractor or chamber area...and certainly no fouling in the I can still find some good old ELEY TENEX match ammo???
pics will be forth coming...serial number was in the 624XXX range... right at the start point of the other two in the serial numbre database..I suspect it wsa setup to mimick the RUnning Boar Var/Tar rifle but for the 22LR class.
Now that will be quite the pair at the range... my 222rem Var-Tar on one setup and the grand prix on another side by side to see who out shoots who!!!
again thank you all for the info...
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I forgot to ask where my friend was getting his white beeswax and will try to get that info for you. He later emailed and said to let the beeswax warm in the sun until its nice and soft and then rub it in. Also, on a front slip on sight, Centra makes some really nifty front clamp on sights but they are for .750 inch barrels and I don't know if you could bore one out a little to fit your barrel and still have a good solid hold. Sinclair sells the Centra sights. You guys and your Var-Tars just make me envious and jealous and I won't be able to sleep at night fretting about not having one, so I don't even want to hear about it. ;):)
TELL US HOW IT SHOOTS, sorry couldn't find more info. <><DK
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