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Hi AGB-1!
Didnt catch your question around this rifle........ if you had one.
What I can see is a CG63 produced at GF in Eskilstuna and seller claims built in 1966. Probably so because here is used receiver and bolt m/94 (GF got 10000 of those to be used in production of CG63 the first years). The barrel looks very much as the hammered barrels from GF when CG80 came but can of course be of other origin, This fat barrels came when CG80 were introduced and therefore also allowed on CG63s at that time. When mounted no place for a handguard. The buttplate extension also an approved feature.
Maybe you already seen the threads around CG63 and CG80 but if not here is links
If you have thoughts around this special CG63 please let us know.
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