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Last week, a 180 round "range pack" of Red Army Standard 5.45x39 sold for 49.99 at Centerfire Systems.

Just got their new catalog...lists the same ammo/count/brand at 57.99.

They also raised their 7.62x39 prices, but lowered their 9x18.

Other than greed, is there a rational explanation for the big hike in non-7N6 5.45?

Are other retailers taking advantage of the "AK74 panic of 2014"?

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Demand is up, therefore businesses will raise prices. Without the cheap supply of 7N6, people do not have that option and will have to migrate to the commercial products. This caliber is going to climb up in price for the next few months as more and more people learn about the ban on 7N6.

Best thing to do is not pay the higher prices. That's the only action that may bring the prices back down.
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