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Discussion Starter · #1 · said my rep Gitta via email this afternoon. If any of y'all buy off this post, go through Gitta...I feel guilty not buying, as she keeps me exquisitely on what all they got.

Below please find some additional pricing on M-1 carbines. I would apprecaite hearing from you and if you have any quiestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


RI1470-G $.87 (Inland)

RI1470-GC $.87

RI1470-F $.87

RI1470-FC $.87

RI1470O-F $.87

RI1470O-FC $.87

RI1470O-GC $.87

RI1471-G $.87 (Winchester)

RI1471-GC $.87

RI1471-FC $.87

RI1471O-F $.87

RI1471O-FC $.87

RI1471O-G $.87

RI1471O-GC $.87

RI1472-GC $.87 (National Postal Meter)

RI1472-F $.87

RI1472-FC $.87

RI1472O-F $.87

RI1472O-FC $.87

RI1473-GC $.87 (Underwood)

RI1473-F $.87

RI1473-FC $.87

RI1473O-FC $.87

RI1473O-GC $.87

RI1474-FC $.87 (IBM)

RI1474O-F $.87

RI1474O-FC $.87

RI1476-GC $.87 (Quality)

RI1476-F $.87

RI1476-FC $.87

RI1476O-F $.87

RI1476O-FC $.87

RI1476O-G $.87

RI1476O-GC $.87

RI1477-GC $.87 (Saginaw)

RI1477-F $.87

RI1477-FC $.87

RI1477O-F $.87

RI1477O-FC $.87

RI1477O-G $.87

RI1477O-GC $.87

The 'O' added after the products code (e.g. RI1477O-G

means dark bore.

Gitta Beems
Century International Arms Inc.
888-731-9555 ext. 3
[email protected]

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If one desired a M-1 carbine & you missed the guns at CMP you just weren't paying attention for a couple months. OTOH I haven't seen one post yet from anyone who has purchased a CAI carbine & ended up happy. Apparently these guns have not fared well the past 50 years at the hands of the What-a-malians.

No disrespect intended to the OP, intel is always appreciated. And Gitta is certainly one of the good reps at Century. Sadly, my assigned rep is a buffoon for whom the English language is an insurmountable barrier. But when you're the biggest game in town one must take what they give you.

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That's kinda what i am passng along, Century stuff is what it is, but most often is a 'first-est with the most-est' type pays your money and you takes your chances. And for me, when Gitta comes calling, my money buys something good if I strike while the iron is hot. Of course your mileage may vary.

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I received the email from my rep also. Prices are comprable to CMP's, but the condition is not. I have two beautiful carbines from the CMP. I would take my chances with the CMP. They grade their rifles more conservatively than Century. What Century calls good would never leave the doors of the CMP. Believe me, it's worth the wait. Besides, CMP rifles are not import marked.

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FWIW, I sent the CAI email on to a friend of mine to give him a heads up, and here's what wrote back to me:

Hey I went up to Roberts and saw the ones he got. THEY ARE SHIT! Oh my god, no sights, hand guards, stocks cracked and black. ... I was shocked how bad they were.

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Unfortunately, I'm not suprised on single bit..

This is CAI we're talking about here....
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