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After mixed experiences with Century build firearms I decided to assemble my ARM Galil kit myself. Using the original bolt from the kit it shoots and functions just fine. Headspaced perfectly OOTB, didn't require any work to the bolt whatsoever. The dented case on ejected brass isn't unusual, that's why Valmet built port buffers (I gotta figure out how to modifly a Valmet buffer to fit and work with the Galil vertical bolt handle).
Has anyone heard exactly what problem the bolt replacement is supposed to fix? They certainly wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't absolutely necessary. I just hope the swap isn't burecratic in nature; like something along the lines of the ATF suggesting that a FA bolt cannot be used in a SA firearm. Go to and they have the thread of death on just this topic. The confusion over the legality of FA and SA bolt carriers in SA AR15s is almost mythic. And the ATF is legendary for issuing vague rules, open to multiple interpretations (and some want the gov't to run our healthcare?!!).
BTW, I haven't heard of Galils built by others (ORF, etc) having problems using the original bolt. Interesting. Can't wait to hear the truth behind this.
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