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Century com bloc 7.62x54R

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Has anyone shot any of this ammo? It's the 149gr stuff. I think it listed as item am868.
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I too like the Bulgarian 54r ammo. Very consistent and relatively clean.
You like it better than the russian 1980's light ball ?
I have five tins of the stuff but I haven't opened any yet. When I spoke to my rep at Century he told me over the phone that it was Albanian and brass case. I found out later that it is steel case and Russian. The tins are in such nice condition that I've decided to keep them sealed and shoot some of my older ammo first...
... I liked it better at $75 a case compared to today's price at $300.
;)duh! ;)

jk 1 EYE...I know where you're comin' from
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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