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Century .45acp No.4

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I had read that Century Arms was converting No.4 rifles to .45 ACP using an adaptor kit and a .45 pistol magazine. The unmarked kit appears to be a Rhinelander kit. Unfortunately Rhinelander is no longer making them and one wonders how many kits Century obtained before their "demise." This was at the gunshop at Knob Creek.

To date, the only thing I have done to it is to add the front sight ears. It would appear that they sacrificed a nice condition Savage. The normal rifle magazine is replaced with an aluminum version with hole and magazine catch for the .45 magazine. It attaches in the same manner as the normal magazine. The barrel is screwed in, headspaced and fixed with a jam nut like the Savage 110 rifle. While not an original Enfield, it is an interesting variant.
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CIA had these advertised little over a year ago, along with #4MK1 converted to "carbines" #5MK1 look alikes.

The #5MK1 look alikes are the latest of a long string of "factory" type conversions of #4 rifles cut down to carbine size.

IIRC they sold for about $170

Would be interesting to know the range on that piece. Could you hit a man sized target at 100 yds ??
I can't imagine why not, I don't have much trouble at all hitting a man sized target at 100yds with my 1911 (assuming it's not moving :D).
I can do that also with my 1911, but not with one shot. Gotta walk it in. Can't get the elevation right with the first shot usually. If lucky I can do it with the second one.

I was wondering if these carbines could do it in one shot and every time.

The "Tommy Guns" in .45 will also do it easily, but not in one shot with an average shooter.

In gen. I was wondering how accurate the CIA converted rifles are.
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