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Well, I couldn't pass-up the sale last week and free shipping, so I ordered one of the PPs-43c's. Can anyone tell me if Centerfire includes the spare buffer with their guns? She did say the cleaning rod and oil bottle was included, but I forgot to ask about the buffer. Since they remove the mags from the importer's box (I ordered 3 additional anyhow), I don't know if they removed anything else.

I sure hope mine runs alright because I am not a smithy. I've read about proper cleaning of gun and mags (I am a clean freak anyhow), installing the additional buffer pretty quick, raising (?) the trigger group with a penny, slightly decreasing the rear diameter of the firing pin, and being aware of differences in ammo choice. Also read to use 30W motor oil for lube, no grease and to try all mags then use the one(s) that work as a base to re-shape the lips on the non-working mags.

Any idea on the buffer and any more mods I might be looking at???

Thank you,
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