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CE 43 - Matching Duffle Cut

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Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the SOS, but in an attempt to console myself I went to small local show today. My expectations were low, and after about twenty minutes I was ready to leave, but then my friend spotted a guy with a K98k who had just walked through the door. I was hesitant to buy it because the handguard and band retention spring were both missing, but decided it was still a good price. I was very worried about it being humped, but it doesn't have any tell-tale grinding marks so I decided to risk it.

When I got it home I immediately consulted Kriegsmodell and was pleased to find that the receiver is an Erma contract and the bolt might be Astrawerke. The barrel code appears to be fxo bo, with a e/37 and a star looking symbol. I was slightly concerned about the stock, it looked too dark compared to the white laminate examples in the book but those are 44s. However, when I took it apart I found that the stock is matching. The finish on it is really nice, and I like that Sauer also made Gewehr 98s. I just need to replace the missing pieces.


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Great price! That is a very nice looking rifle.
Exactly, I would have jumped on it.

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