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Since we all got a stick in the eye Nov 4, I've been watching and studying the effects of "The Panic". It tells a lot about our own "National Psychology", at least among the shooting Clan; how we behave when there's some threat to our Rights. I learned a lot.

It annoyed me no end not to be able to get .30-cal FMJ anywhere. That's all I ever shoot, except hunting. Grafs, Wideners, Midway were all cleaned out in short order. I had to scroung around my local reloading shop (Gunstop) digging through dusty old boxes of unpopular bullets to find some Lapua Lock Base, then cut cannelures in them. Tedious.

Looks like Grafs, at least, is getting re-stocked on some Hornady and Speer FMJ, for those who need 'em. Speer, Sierra, Hornady and Winchester must have been running around-the-clock shifts to get these bullets out.

Panic over? Demand satisfied? What's happening in your area?
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