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Mr. Slugg,
First I would like to say how much I have enjoyed your videos... I think it truly demonstrates your passion for these rifles. I, however, must respectfully agree with the majority in regard to the retro fitting of a hooked quillion to a bayonet that never had one or to one that has had it removed as part of a official "change" in service. As a collector I have evolved,over the years ,to focus on maintaining the current issue status of a given rifle, bayonet or whatever. I have restored several sporter rifles back to what their condition would have been at the end of their service life.... not a FTR status or newly issued status. I have a few rifles which are 40's dated ( Dispersal, Lithgow ) possessing the magazine cut-off slot. By this time the magazine cut-off had long been done away with so I feel it incorrect to fit a cut-off to these rifles.

I have not always thought this way.. as I said.. I have evolved with experience and learned knowledge which I feel has helped me define my focus. When I bought my first P14 it was missing the pointer and rear aperture. I scoured the globe looking for these parts and was finally satisfied when originals were found and fitted. Now.. years later, they have been long removed again... Why ?... Because that is the correct status for that particular rifle and I felt it more correct.

I must say your argument regarding the Lancaster is a valid one at that.. and.. well... I dun have an answer. I would still much prefer seeing your workmanship in building one from scratch rather than sacrificing a honest example. Best of luck with your decision.

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