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"AT" is NOT an "Inhouse Foundry" (of the Fare-Terni) but an Independent Steel Works ( from Blast Furnaces to Rolling Mills) of Acciaierie Terni ( a Company founded by Vickers, Armstrong and the Orlando Family, commonly called "Vickers Terni" or "V-T-Orlando" in the Local Jargon.). It was set up late in the 1800s, for all types of steel productions (Plate, Rails, Beams, Sheets etc.). Due to its British Connections, it also supplied Armour Plate and Ordnance Steel for shipping and artillery...and rifle manufacture also...
although the Leopoldina Hutte ("Poldi") of Kladno, Bohemia ( now Czech Rep.) supplied a lot of the Bolt and Receiver Steel for the 91 Carcano before WW I ( Bohemia, of course, was Part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.). By the 1920s, the AT had developed its own versions of the Poldi steel, and didn't have to rely on the Czechs any More...another twist, the Bolts on pre-1939 Bren Guns made in Britain had Poldi steel in them as did all the ZB LMGs and MGs.

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