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The present literature has been fairly silent on the stockwoods which have been employed for Carcanos.

Well-known are walnut and beech; original pre-1915 stocks seem to be exclusively walnut, then increasingly beech, with a few ash stocks mixed in between, maybe maple (??). During refurbishments, a few walnut stocks have always been used, even after WW II.

But I think that a few more example pictures would be helpful; especially since one can also occasonally encounter the odd flamboyant beec stock, probably quarter-sawn, whereas normal Carcano beech stocks are very bland and a bit boring ;-).

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Posted - 01/13/2006 : 10:14:03 PM

I have what turned out to be a Naval Issue 91/38 TS carbine that had the (matching) stock varnished when I obtained it. Unfortunately, it had been sanded, nearly obliterating the all-important cartouches. I stripped the varnish. However, the wood is very blond and has a lot of figure. All of the Carcano pictures that I've seen have dark wood with minimal figure. What's up with the wood? Was the wood originally stained when the rifle was made?
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