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Posted - 08/26/2005 : 4:19:31 PM
I went to the gun range this morning to shoot my Carcano M38 FC for the first time. Everything was great, except that it was shooting EXTREMELY high. I'm talking like 3 feet high. I had to basically aim at the ground, just to hit the paper. (I was using FNM ammo, by the way.) It really was frustrating because the rear site has no elevation adjustment. Is this normal for Carcanos? Is there anything else I can do besides getting a taller front sight?

Posted - 08/26/2005 : 5:24:39 PM
Yep! They shoot high, all right! I have a box of freezer paper with my range stuff and staple up 3' of it with the target at the very bottom when I get a new Carcano.

One inexpensive trick is to put a dot of nail polish on the tip of the front sight and 2 more at the bottom of the rear sight 'V'. Line them up & press the trigger. Not a cure-all, but it helps. SW

Posted - 08/29/2005 : 3:21:33 PM
I just tried a Model 1938 short rifle (7,35x51) on the range, with 1939 milsurp. I used the common "non-Italian" style of aiming, i.e. I aligned the top of the front sight with the upper edge of the rear sight. However, Italian practice and training called for letting the front sight "vanish" down in the rear sight notch. When aiming as I did, the rifle shot 43 cms (17 inches) high at 50 metres distance (!!).

Incidentally, the rifle - in "well-used" condition - shot well enough, given that I used a wiggly provisional front rest, rear rest was just my shoulder and my left hand.
Five shots of 1939 milsurp grouped 6,5 cms x 3,75 cms (height/width). Aiming and shooting error probably well included.
Alexander Eichener
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