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Not all are import marked - it should be fairly easy to find one w/o the mark.

As for price, that can be all over the place depending on model and condition.

What to look for? That's a long story, too. Any antiques are desirable as relatively few survived intact. An antique cavalry carbine would be especially desirable... but hard to find. The M41 long rifles seem to be fairly common as are the later cavalry carbines.

Look for a 7.35 short rifle without the Finn 'SA' mark. They are scarcer and not that much more than a Finn short rifle.

Rather than type a long list of prices that might not be real world for your market, go to and Put carcano in the search bar and see what models most appeal to you. You will also see what people are actually bidding on them.

Some sellers price their wares far above reality, and you can quickly spot those by the lack of bids.

Good luck at the show and please post your results! :) SW
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