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I fondled a Carcano today, sporterized, but had me wondering-

Approx 4-inches longer than a SMLE
6.5 caliber
straight bolt
rear sight like an early carbine (see carbine below)
round barrel
serial # on side
Large crown on top
Only the wood was molested, cut down & sanded. Could still see remains of serial # with small circular cartouche above.

I was stumped, but that is not saying much. I thought early rear sight, 6.5 .... round barrel?

Any info or enlightenment appreciated.

To ease my pain I got out my Carcanos

View attachment 13024

1896 Terni long rifle
1916 Brescia carbine

View attachment 13026

Is this the correct pair of rods?



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Mystery carcano, sporter.

Most probably a M41 sporterised. Could be "renovated" with either a new stock and bands, of if the existing stock is not too much sanded down, a spliced fore-end and bands.

Very common in the M41s gone through the UK after Interarms big Italian buyout in the 1960s (Barrel will probably have UK Commercial Proof House markings.)
Otherwise it may be a local Bubba Job.

A photo would be of help...the British rebuilds were also with a shorter barrel, and ramped sporting front sight.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

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Thanx Doc - that's what I get for ignoring anything made after 1920.

Round barrel, 'short' rear sight - had me stumped. M41 of course.

It had the original front sight, wood was nicely done, a good restoration project if anyone is interested.

I did not think to check the bore. He said he also had one clip for it.

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