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Got this today at a shop was wondering value and marks on stock.There is a C-S.A.A in a box on both sides and a P in a box on the grip.Theres a F in the sling cut out on the left sideand cross canons on the right side .One good mark on the stock by butt plate .Really dirty to. thanks Tom
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Looks like you have an early stock (I-cut oiler slot and high wood) that has been through a rebuild without alteration. Look carefully in the sling well for some other marks; they will be there, just maybe hard to see.
Value with the rebuild marks knocks it down from an original stock, but because it hasn't been altered, it could be worth $100-200 to the right person.

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If Marked "OI" (you could be reading it upside down), it should be made by S.E. Overton of South Haven, MI for Inland but in it's second life after rebuilding it could have been on a carbine made by anyone. Did it come with a handguard?
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