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Faked No4 Mk II CA bayonets?

Hey Ryan,

Where have you seen these cropping up - the Canadian Arsenal versions? Would like to know, as I want to hunt one down.

Now, onto being fakes. Well, in my research I have noticed that the CA marking is usually in a different spot than the LB marking for the Long Branch No 4 MK II's. Both were made in Long Branch, but these bayonets were either marked with a strong L over a B (the plentiful one) or a C with the A inlaid - the 5000 unit production one by Canadian Arsenal.

From what I have seen, the LB is usually above the No 4 Mk II stamping, and the CA is usually below it.

So, to make a fake, someone would have to go through the trouble of grinding out the LB (or any other markings for that matter as Brit models carried more various markings), take the pain to accurately reproduce the CA, and re-blue the unit making sure that there is no evidence of grinding.

Quite a task, I would think. I wonder if anyone could even obtain the CA stamp these days. I would think that it would cost a fortune to own one of these...

However, be sure to research these bayonets on the web first. There are a lot of markings to look for, and asking the right questions and getting the seller to post or send detailed photos is best. This way you could post them to this and other forums to get opinion.

Looking forward to your info on where these are popping up.


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