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Please do not pay too much for one, recommend you just keep haunting various arms fairs or gunshows and have patience. I see these at shows in the mid-west states all the time. I was collecting Canadian, US, and Australian enfield models in 2005-2007, have them all now, and made contact with a couple British bayonet collectors at shows to buy the matching bayonets and frogs. I think I paid $25 USD for a Canadian Mk II spike bayonet and scabbard with the blue frog. I later paid $10 for a new in the arsenal wrap and grease British Mk 2 blade bayonet and for an extra $5 USD picked up the matching new in the grease and arsenal wrap scabbard. This matched the mumwrap MkII No 4 I found earlier that came without the bayonet. I am not bragging here, but mentioning the low prices as basic 2005-2007 prices for these in the states and I do not think anyone could make fakes and sell them for these low prices. The bayonet dealers I deal with seem to find large amounts of fairly scarce Enfield bayonets all the time. I do not know if they drive to Canada to surplus stores or if they have sources or long ago bought stocks. Haunt shows, as recently a walk-in tried to sell a batch of bayonets to a dealer, who was short of cash, so because I had dealt with him before, he sent the guy to me and I gave him $20 for a greasy old No 1 MKIII enfield bayonet and scabbard. He named the price, I paid. When I cleaned all the heavy grease off, it was an as new issued OA Lithgow bayonet 1942 or 1943, can't remember, with the brown mangrovite Australlian scabbard and square metal tip. I would have paid more, if I had known what it was, but it took me an hour just to clean off the dried, heavy grease etc. Just haunt shows, most average gunshow types don't know a British bayonet from an Australian bayonet and they are all considered old Brit surplus items. Most will be happy to sell one, so negotiate.
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